Got Meat?

Got Meat?

Dang Hanger

Dang Hanger

First, I'd like to thank you for sharing your beautiful body with a community of passionate followers who appreciate it very much. Your cock is one of the nicest and most satisfying to gaze. One can only imagine the immeasurable pleasure of touching it, sucking it, and riding it. My question is would you under any circumstances allow a male fan this honor?

Ya never know.

Hey man any pics of your bare feet and cock in the same photo ? Great page by the way .

Yea, I have one of my bare foot against my cock….let me find it.

Have you ever done a drawing to fuck one of your fans?

haha! Maybe sell raffle tickets for $10 each? Maybe I could retire on that money!

I read in a post, did you said you lost your virginity with 13 year old, but i think you always had a big cock ! You did not hurt her?P.S: Sorry if is dificult to understand me, my English is terrible !

I don’t think so. She was very experienced.

anyone ever challenged you to a cock size contest or you already attended any? What happened?

not in real life.

Any idea of when we could expect to be able to order a dildo of you? I am gonna be one of the first orders you get! Long time fan here.

Like I’ve said before, I have plans to make one. But I’m lazy…

Is that your dong???


Hold my Legs while I do my Crunches

Hold my Legs while I do my Crunches