Fridays Always make me Horny!

Fridays Always make me Horny!

Wow. Your cock is sexy. I wanna fuck and suck every last drop of cum out of it. Mmmm. I wanna ride you and feel every last inch of it inside me! I'm so wet right now. Fuck.

Shut up and start suckin’! And don’t gag!

Happy National Hot Dog Day. I have the Wiener, who has the Bun?

Happy National Hot Dog Day. I have the Wiener, who has the Bun?

Ball Boy or Bat Boy?

Ball Boy or Bat Boy?

I'm curious now about the question on who first noticed your size. And why you're being evasive. Care to share privately? Is it a good story?

Evasive about what? Maybe my best friends older sister. She could keep her hands off it once she got a look at it.

I've been enjoying your free videos since I was a teenager in high school, and I still enjoy them today! Thanks for all the lovely videos and pictures! :D

Now you know you shouldn’t watch dirty vids until you are 18. You need to  say 7 Hell Mary’s and write a letter of apology to the proper authorities.

Yow man how'd your cock get that big ?! Are you doing penis enlargenlargement workouts , pills , pumps etc .. or are you naturally blessed ? Cause damn I want and need something big like that , I'm over average in size but I want more !

Just lucky I guess.

Hey man,Thats a beautiful piece of meat, you got swinging between your legs.You ever in Los Angeles

Naw but used to live in da OC years ago.

Your cock makes me want to try give a blowjob for the first time!

Awww cum on….the first time….haha!

Who was the first person who noticed your over-sized penis? What did he/she say?